WINDROCK PARK - The South's Premier Off-Road Adventure Park

Other Fun Things To Do

Windrock Shooting Range

Let’s talk about shootin’ at Windrock Shooting Range!

Start off with bang! We’ve got a 50 cal and a bunch of other cool guns, too!

Range fee is $13.00, bring your own firearms, or you can shoot ours with a purchase of ammo! More questions go here: or call the range at (865) 730-4915.

Windrock Bike Park

Let’s talk about bikin’ at Windrock Bike Park!

Gnarly and extreme, that’s us!

Monday - Friday // 8am-6pm // Self-Shuttle or Pedal Access // $10
Saturday - Sunday // 10am-5pm // Unlimited Uplift Pass // $35
Season Pass // November 1st - May 1st // Unlimited Access // $250
*Passes Purchased at Windrock General Store.

For more information on Windrock Bike Park go here: or you can email these awesome fellas at

Windrock Bike Trails

More bikin’?

Wanna go long? Check out the Cross-Country Bike Trails located just down from Windrock Park Campground. These trails require a Windrock Park land-use permit.

You can pick up a land use permit at the general store.