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Mini Bike Madness 2: Prison Break

Mini Bike Madness 2: Prison Break

DATE: May 14, 2021 - May 16, 2021

Prison Break is unlike any other Mini Bike Event.

This is a Mini Bike Rally, not a Race.
It will consist of a 6+ Hour 25 to 50+ mile off road checkpoint rally through the Park with 3 main routes to choose from ranging from mild to wild. Checkpoints will be listed along each route and you will need to photograph your bike at each checkpoint you stop at as proof.

Mini bikes, go karts, mowverlanders, and homemade creations are allowed to participate.
We will allow a few ATVs, RZRs, or Trucks as recovery vehicles if they volunteer.

Camping is available at Windrock Park Campground
Call 865-435-1251 and tell them you want to camp in group camping with the minibikers.
Primitive group Camping is $16 per night

You will have the option to grab checkpoints and go exploring solo, or in teams, or hang back and go for the easy group ride.

The halfway point will be at Brushy Mountain Prison in Petros where challenges will have to be completed and you can have lunch at the restaurant or tour the prison. After lunch and challenges you can continue the rally on any of the 3 routes as a return trip or hit all the remaining checkpoints.

Trophies will be given.

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